Monday, November 28, 2011

Humorous love poems - How smile and laugh from a short funny love poem move your partner's feeling

| Monday, November 28, 2011 |

The humor and the radiant smile seem to be very normal, but it is a priceless gift that nature has generously endowed only for human but not other kinds of animal.

And in my objective opinion, laughter and humor has become the notorious aspect of life. It acts as a tonic that help you have a healthy body, a spiritual fullness, help you to always look fresh and attractive regardless whether you are male or female.

And love is, as long as we have known, not an exception in the rotation of life. So that, in the field of love, the most precious and meaningful present is the smile when we are together. When you discuss with others what your idea is about having a so-called standard of model, most of the answers are humorous and friendly people, know how to make you laugh, how to cultivate the atmosphere more cheerful and comical. The humor helps your appointment more interesting, promising many surprises and fun. The couple maintains laughter usually very comfortable and happy. They also have more opportunity to build a more sustainable marriage than other couples.

So let's create memorable and meaningful moments with some short funny love poems which can help you to express all your deepest feelings and thoughts to your beloved one. The following is my collection of funny love poems:

Summer Day

Shall I compare you to a summer day?
With clear sky and sun light shine on your face.
And the smell of flower and grass all over the place.
Shall I compare you to a summer day?
With the heat of May that I always hate.
And with the rain hurry come then fade.
Shall I compare you to a summer day?”
By Ryan

It’s my pleasure when my post is useful for you. I hope you’ll have a lasting love through knowing some kinds of funny love poems for her

what's in between

Yours is a scream

I still LOVE you

Fights like one too

Not as hot as you

Happy that cow cant fly