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Write to your girlfriend or your wife a funny love poem

| Friday, February 17, 2012 |

Birthday, Valentine, …are the most suitable days to give your love to your girlfriend or your wife. If you want to do something really special for your boyfriend or husband you can write him a romantic love poem.

This is the best way you can do to show her your love is let the poem say how much you love her
If you don’t know how to write a romantic, funny love poem, here are the steps to make a short one.

Firstly, write down 5 keywords that come to mind regarding your girlfriend and your relationship with her.

Secondly, choose 1 of these keywords, based on that keyword to write everything related to that keyword, think about special moment that you have share together. Do the same with other keywords. Because this is funny love poem, you should add positive experience such as "fun", "happy" and "love", a beautiful memory that 2 of you never forget, make it sweet and use some funny word

funny love poems for her

Now you have got many ideas to write a romantic poem for husband or your boyfriend, you can begin write something now but remember something:

- A poem shouldn’t too long but it isn’t perfect if it’s too short. You should limit how long your poem should be. 2 lines too short 2 pages maybe too long.
-Thing about your girlfriend or your wife, what you should write about: love, fun, exciting… Thing about your girlfriend’s testy when she receives your poem, and what you can receive after your girlfriend reads it, maybe a sweet kiss

- Begin writing, you should follow your mind, your emotion, write exactly everything truly on your mind, just be sincere and speak from the heart ,using as much the best beautiful word as you can. Remember fun element and finally try to make it rhyme.

- Don’t thing about it was perfect or not, whatever it be, it always perfect for your girlfriend. Writing a poem is also very special and romantic for her, maybe it hears stupid but it can make she smile. I think that all you need.

Now let begin writing, take your time, write your ideas, arrange everything, write, re-read and edit and you will see when it complete.

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