Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cute call

| Sunday, January 8, 2012 |

"Hi honey I'm home, what's fer dinner?
I'm starved after a day of sellin
Is that a new dress or are ya just gettin slimmer?"

Is that a lovin way or a slip of the lip
does it look like I had a easy day
ya see the baby hangin on my hip?

I put a post it on the refrige, take a look

""I'll love ya if""

Sometimes you'll cook
if ya don't know how
On the counter's the cook book.

One in awhile ya might get up first
changin diapers, and warmin milk
clean her up and quench her thirst.

"Honey get up the baby's screamin"
It's yer turn today
I'm goin back to my dreamin.

Oh and the lid of the hamper is open
Ya think yer a basketball star, them's yer boxers on the floor
slam dunk em or don't even think about gropin.

Oh it's OK when ya get a nature call
but put the seat back
so when I go I don't fall.

Oh yeah too fill the car with gas
runnin out to shop for yer groceries
I ran out and walked, no there ain't no get outta jail free pass

I left a lipstick print too, here
I ran outta ink and paper for the list,
but I kinda do love ya my dear.

Oh yeah too the milk is sour too
can ya bring me the savin jar
so I can scrape out a dollar 92?