Sunday, January 8, 2012

Your Eyes

| Sunday, January 8, 2012 |

By ~ Marie Steward

When everything changes.
People think I'm always happy
People think I don't know about reality
People think I'm a stupid
They actually don't know me.

They don't know about my true feelings
They don't know about ever lasting
They don't know a part of me
That's always aching painfully.

Watching people walk away
I saw your eyes and got mesmerized
Something told me you were different,
And so was I.

You came closer when you saw my face
I hide myself looking away
You raised my face,
And look through my eyes
You saw my pain, and you saw the lies.

You put me in your arms
It's like you knew me for a long time
You saw me cry,
You pulled me closer to your eyes
Then you kissed me and then I realized
How much happiness you could bring in my life.